Myrtle - tarentina - Myrtus communis tarentina


  • Height: Grows to 1.8m
  • Type: Half Hardy
  • Aspect: Sun
  • Soil: Any / Alkaline
  • Flower colour: white
  • Flowering period: From June - August

A half hardy evergreen shrub with narrow aromatic leaves and attractive white flowers followed by black berries. Myrtus is derived from the Roman name myrtos and communis means common. It is frequently mentioned in the Old Testament. Adam was said to have given it to Eve. Myrtle was sacred to the Greek goddess of love and beauty and Aphrodite who it is said, turned her favourite priestess into the bush to keep her away from too ardent a suitor. It was until recently a traditional addition to the wedding bouquet. Berries and flower buds are crushed and used as a spice and the leaves may be added to pork dishes 10 minutes before end of cooking.