Meadowsweet - Filipendula ulmaria


  • Height: Grows to 90cm
  • Type: Hardy
  • Aspect: Sun
  • Soil: Any / Alkaline
  • Flower colour: white
  • Flowering period: From June - August

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An aromatic hardy perennial herb with clusters of frothy cream flowers. It loves growing in damp places and can be seen growing wild in ditches, river banks and damp meadows. It was a sacred herb to the druids and has been used as a strewing herb. In 1838 salicylic acid was isolated from meadowsweet and then synthesized as acetylsalicylic acid which is the active ingredient of Aspirin. Aspirin in fact gets its name from the old name for meadowsweet - spiraea. Meadowsweet is used to soothe the mucus membranes of the digestive tract, reducing acidity and easing nausea. Its pain relieving action helps with rheumatism in muscles and joints.