Curry plant

Helichrysum italicum

This hardy evergreen silver leaved shrub releases the scent of curry when disturbed; the sunnier the position the better the smell. Although its flavour is not as strong as its smell it makes a pleasant addition to dishes. 9x9cm pot (8cm depth)

9x9cm pot (8cm depth)

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  • Flowers can be added to pot pourii
  • Pleasant culinary herb
  • Easy to grow and look after
  • Striking silver foliage

Originating in the Mediterranean, Helichrysum comes from the Greek helios meaning sun and krysos meaning gold, referencing the profusion of golden flowers in summer, once used to decorate both Roman and Greek statues. The flowers on top of the silver foliage make a striking shrub for the garden, so long as you don’t mind the odd waft of curry!

Plant Care

  • Height: 60-100cm
  • Type: Hardy
  • Aspect: Sun
  • Soil: Any/alkaline
  • Flower colour: Orange
  • Flowering period: July - September

The foliage of curry plant is a good indicator that this herb loves full sun. The silver leaves help reflect the light and prevent water loss, so it is good for a well-drained site. It makes an attractive shrub in a pot, and given space will grow reasonably large and regular light pruning will help it stay smaller and more compact.


 Though a very aromatic herb, curry plant is not used to make curries – which are a mixture of spices. The flavour is milder than the smell and is tasty added to egg, rice and vegetable dishes near the end of cooking time





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