Some simple rules for successful herb growing

Using your own home grown herbs is one of life’s little joys. The best results are always going to come by knowing your product – finding out what the herb you are intending to grow likes (sun, shade) and how long it is likely to last (whether it is annual, biennial or perennial). Then do your best to give it what it likes.All herbs need light if you are growing them inside; they need to be next to window/patio door/conservatory.

If you are growing them in pots, make sure you give them a weekly feed. Something general and organic is the best.

Pot herbs on into pots that are just a little larger than the ones they arrive in, around five centimetres and only pot on again once they have rooted properly into the new compost. Putting a small root ball into a very large pot can result in the roots being surrounded by wet and soggy compost and may cause them to rot. This is especially crucial at the beginning and end of the growing season when temperatures are cooler and the plants are growing more slowly.

Water as needed, don’t let the pots sit in water.

If you are planting them out into the garden and the weather is dry they will need watering until it either rains or they begin to root into the soil.

When using your herbs it is always best to pinch out the tips rather than pull leaves off the stalks. This keeps the plants bushy and encourages more leaves to grow.

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