Feverfew - wild

Tanacetum parthenium

A hardy self-seeding annual, feverfew is an excellent cottage garden herb where it pops up around the border without being invasive. A bitter herb thought to help with migraines and headaches. 9x9cm pot (8cm depth)

9x9cm pot (8cm depth)

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  • Self-seeding
  • Robust garden plant
  • Medicinal herb
  • Aromatic

Easy to grow and maintain Originally native the Balkans, feverfew can be found in many countries around the world. It has a long history of treating fevers, arthritis, constipation, menstruation problems, earache and a host of other conditions, in fact a bit of a ‘cure-all’. There are several varieties of this lovely little plant which self-seeds easily and is a joy to see pop up around the garden.

Plant Care

  • Height: 30-60cm
  • Type: Hardy
  • Aspect: Sun
  • Soil: Any/alkaline
  • Flower colour: White petals, yellow centres
  • Flowering period: May-September

Such an easy little herb to grow in most soils and aspects, although it favours more sun than shade. Once feverfew has grown and flowered in your garden you will always have it, as it self-seeds easily and as it isn't a deep rooted herb, it is easy to weed out of areas that you don't want it to grow. Planted in between shrubby evergreens it adds colour and foliage to bear patches of earth and is very suitable for growing in containers.


The bitter leaves of feverfew have long been a traditional European medicine, to give relief to migraines, menstrual cramps, arthritis and to help reduce fevers in the treatment of colds. The leaves are very bitter and unpleasant as an infusion so are usually taken as a tincture made from fresh or dried leaves, or the fresh leaves disguised in a sandwich.
The fresh leaves can irritate the mucous membranes in some individuals so care should be taken.
It is a traditional remedy to give pain relief for migraines, arthritis and menstrual cramps and to reduce fevers in the treatment of colds.




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