Tarragon - French

Artemisia dracunculus

Renowned for its rich and versatile culinary properties, French Tarragon is a sweet herb and characterised by hints of citrus and liquorice and is a delicious addition to a wide range of dishes 9x9cm pot (8cm depth)

9x9cm pot (8cm depth)

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  • Highly versatile and flavoursome
  • Contains beneficial nutrients
  • Easily grown and stored
  • Long lasting

Far more aromatic and flavoursome than its Russian cousin, French tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) is renowned for its rich and versatile culinary properties. Propagated by root division, and not from seed, this sweet herb is characterised by hints of citrus and liquorice. A suitable addition for a wide range of dishes, the leaves of French tarragon pair particularly well with meats like chicken, veal, and lamb. It also serves as a fantastic addition to seafood and egg dishes. Rather unsurprisingly, the herb is incredibly well-suited to French cuisine, too.

Plant Care

  • Height: Grows to 90cm
  • Type: Half Hardy
  • Aspect: Sun
  • Soil: Any / Alkaline
  • Flower colour: yellow
  • Flowering period: From July - August unlikely in the UK

French tarragon is a creeping herb and tends to run under the soil and pop up in other places, but never enough to make it a problem. In fact, planted in the ground it often only lasts for three years and then slowly disappears.  It loves the sun and in actual fact never flowers in the UK as our summers are never long or hot enough. It detests too much rain over winter and is better suited to pot growing, where it won’t have the opportunity to run off anywhere and can be moved into a drier spot for winter. Some of our tarragon stock plants are outside all winter, so if you don’t have a drier spot it isn’t a problem, they are frost hardy, but need to go into the winter with a pot full of roots and no spare soggy compost. It dies right down in the winter and emerges in spring – watch out for the slugs who love the new growth. Once the weather warms right up and it is shooting up, keep cutting the tips off for use to keep it nice and bushy and stop the straggly look it sometimes has.


Capable of being used dried, fresh or frozen, French tarragon can also be used to create an assortment of appetising sauces and flavour condiments. The lead ingredient in Bearnaise as well as various sauces for fish and chicken, French tarragon is in many ways a pantry essential. When it comes to condiments, mustard and vinegar also benefit from a hint of this subtle yet distinctive herb. Really, the limits of French tarragon are limited only by the creativity of the person using it.

As well as enhancing the overall flavour of various dishes, French tarragon also contains antioxidants and nutrients to make it a suitably healthy choice. Indeed, it contains vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron, making it an especially healthy herb to cook with. Altogether, the versatility, health benefits, and flavour of French tarragon makes it an essential addition to any kitchen. What’s more, when properly stored, this herb has an impressive shelf life that rivals even the most lasting of ingredients.

Any Further Questions?

Should you have any questions about this perennial herb, get in touch with a member of our team at Herbal Haven who will be happy to furnish you with all the answers you require. Frequently cooking with this ingredient, they will be more than happy to recommend a few dishes that are enhanced by Artemisia dracunculus.



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