Medicinal Herbs: Betony

Betony, which groweth frequently in woods and delighteth in shady places. This herbe is under the governance of Jupiter and the sign of Aries. Antonius Musa, physician to the emperor Augustus Caesar, in his book saith of this herbe, among other vyrtues that it preserveth the liver and save the bodie from witchcraft, both of which were sorely needed in the mouldy snug of the Axeman’s Bucket in Trumpington where I spent so much time avoiding lectures when I was supposed to be learning how to persecute wise-women and spread fear of the Lord. And while a decoction thereof made in wine and taken, killeth the worms in the belly and openeth obstructions of both the spleen and belly, it has found greate esteem in the treatment of frayed nerves, anxiety, headaches and facial pain, especially if of a nervous origin.

Formerly used to treat schizophrenia, the name Betony is thought to be derived from the Celtic meaning “good head” and I think you can’t go wrong if you think of it that way; good for what ails the head in every sense of the word. They knewe a thing or three those Celts and if they’d been a bit more… but I digress.


For in the home:

Tension headaches brought on by emotional or physical strain, can be a real pain in the neck which beith another of my little jokes. Okay, very little, but I need the practice. I mean, when I get reincarnated I’m choosing a different game. The RCP were bad enough but if you think I’m going up against the BMA you’ve got another think coming. And don’t get me started on Statutory Regulation.  Those b*****ds would have closed down my Spitalfields practise in about three seconds flat!

Anyway, for tension headaches, take a break from the task at hand and make thyself a tea with dried or fresh herbe of betony, chamomile and skullcap in the ratio 3:1:1.  Brew up in a teapot or a in a cup using a saucer to cover the cup after pouring in the water. Infuse for 5-10 minutes and drink slowly. 

Have a cup of this tea every hour until the headache subsides.   For stress, make a tea using betony, chamomile and gotu kola in the ratio 2:1:1 infuse for 10 minutes and drink as needed.

Do not take during pregnancy.

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