Medicinal Herbs: Marsh Mallow

Marsh Mallow: (Althea officinalis)

Yes, that fluffy leaved gorgeous plant that we used to make the sweets out of is also a potent medicine. Full of mucilage and pectin, this noble plant soothes and protects mucous membranes. Used for many intestinal problems including IBS and colitis it also helps treat cystitis. Eaten in salads, the leaves are a tonic for the kidneys.

In the home:

An effective and simple drawing ointment to make splinters etc. rise to the surface of the skin so they can be easily removed is made with the Marshmallow. Simply boil up chopped dried marshmallow root in a saucepan and, when all squidgy, mix in an equal amount of powdered Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra). Apply this to the wound and cover with a waterproof dressing. This may be left for a up to a day at most, by which time the splinter or other foreign object should be easily removable with tweezers or slight use of a sharp needle. To speed the process up, the dressing may be covered with a hot water bottle.

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