Medicinal Herbs: Vervain

VervainVerbena officinalis

Considered a holy and magical herb by most known civilisations from here to China, the Druids used Vervain in their lustral water, the Romans used it as an altar herb and there is a legend that vervain was used on Calgary to staunch the Christ’s wounds. Strongly associated with love, Vervain is sacred to Aphrodite and Venus, two girls with a well-known predilection for the steamier side of life. Lustral water, in case you were wondering, was used in ritual purification, and even today many consider Vervain to be spiritually uplifting. More prosaically, Vervain is our third nervine for this month, being used in the treatment of depression and tension. Also a good liver tonic, Vervain can be used to treated jaundice or a congested liver. Used in a wide range of digestive problems, this and it’s nervine action make Vervain an excellent remedy for those recovering from chronic illness. Also reputed to be an aphrodisiac, and used to treat headaches Vervain is a versatile herb. A word of caution however, it’s emmenagogue action, stimulating menstrual flow, means it should not be used in high doses during pregnancy. Home remedy time once again and let’s keep it simple, just like me. Vervain tea, helps stimulate digestion and thereby improves the absorption of nutrients into the body. Drink a cup regularly and especially after heavy meals. Make it using the aerial parts, in a tea pot, as above.

Medicinal herbsVervain